The Legend of Zelda – Breath of The Wild

The sound field of breath of the wild is so beautifully sculpted. Especially the zones (or ambiences) and player feedback sounds jump out to me. Ambiences are masterfully crafted, which creates an immersive full world that always seems to be changing, but never feels too overwhelming (spectral wise). Wind is a great example; you always know you’re orientation towards the origin of the wind with the sound, and the wind sound itself changes according to what kind of environment you are currently in. The placement of bird noises also stood out: The mixture of both upclose and distant placement of the sounds create even more depth for me personally.

Player feedback is also done beautifully in harmony with the tone of the ambiences. I love the way the feedback sounds seem to dance around each other spectrally. (When picking up items for example, at 7:09.) The choice to give the player feedback with musical cues has become to be expected with the zelda series, but the way they subtlely match them with the tone off the game is what I really like.