Hollow Knight Final Boss

Hollow Knight has an orchestral soundtrack that’s heavily based on motifs.
In this final boss fight, the main motif that gets introduced in the beginning of the game gets played in an epic dramatic way.
The game doesn’t make much use of dynamic systems, but there’s a noticable change during this boss fight.
At 1:35, the boss goes into a new phase. The Hollow Knight gives out a loud screams, which drowns out the current music. After that, a slower, sadder version of the theme starts playing. It’s interesting that the transition doesn’t get created musically, but through sound. The loud scream pushes away the music away, which then makes way for the new piece.
The sound design is pretty busy in this scene. Rewatching it, it feels quite intense.
It’s nice that all the sound filters out whenever you get hit. I must say, it can get a little distracting if you get hit a lot.
The harsh piano at the start, layered with more percussive sounds have a very intense feeling to them, which is very fitting for a last boss. The 8th/16th note runs that are constantly in the background really add a constant level of anxiety.