Resident Evil

Game Title: Resident Evil
Your name: Jens Wouters
Pretty or ugly: Ugly
Description: Although it is now one of the most well known franchises and it spawned the survival horror genre, the first, original Resident Evil had something very, very wrong. In fact, so horrible, I think it would have killed the game if it would have been a then known genre. I’m talking of course, about the voice-acting.
They are even worse than a low budget B-movie. In fact, they are so worse, you just have to laugh about it. Something I think doesn’t really fit into a game where you want to create suspense and horror.
Until this point, I have never owned a Playstation console. But I was glad to hear the DS version of Resident Evil was almost a port of the Playstation version and even included the bad voice-acting. Because I was hooked that time on Resident Evil 4, I wanted to play the first game in all its original glory. The voice-acting just cracked me up. Even the intro movie is horribly, horribly bad, sad even.
I have chosen this movie because the intro dialog after the intro movie just gives you a proper idea of how the quality of rest of the game is. Also, this version is pure and game only, no interruptions.
I certainly recommend to also watch this movie:
I think the worst acting of all is the one you can see at 2:42 of the above link. It’s so hilarious if you think of the condition of the guy lying on the floor and how he talks.