De mnuziek reageeertt op alles wat er in de gameplauy gebeurt.\


Soundtrack makes me happy. (Test to see if this site is running again!)


Highly detailed sound design, high audio quality, unique character, identity.


Interesting use of musical synchronization and using a metronome.

Year Walk

Most of the game is quite silent, which fits the game well. When there is music it has more impact in contrast with the silence. There are also some puzzles …

Deus Ex

The example I am giving is of ugly audio. The cutscene at the beginning of the game where two antagonists set the scene and discuss the impending plot-line – their …

Duty Calls A spoof version of Call of Duty to draw people into the franchise. The sounds are so bad it’s actually funny, but most of the humor comes from the …


Game Title: ZOOKEEPER BATTLE Your name: Xinyin (KK) Zhang Pretty or ugly: ugly Description: The music is really annoying during the battle… And there are only a few soundtracks in …