The Wonderful End of the World
Game Title: The Wonderful End of the World
Your name: Thomas Verkooijen
Pretty or ugly: Ugly as sin.
Description: The Wonderful End of the World is a wonderful way to waste your hard-earned money as well as your precious eardrums. The premise of the game is to absorb as many items into your avatar as possible. Problem is, that for every object you absorb, you play a sound effect. Having 324857610 and a half of these playing over the course of a level does not make one a happy camper. Even worse is the sound made when bumping into animate objects, such as dogs, people or snakes(?) in your living room. An example can be found at 0:23 in the video. In conclusion: this abomination is an assault upon both your sanity and sanctity. Your eardrums will experience a conundrum of abject terror whilst being ravaged by ungodly amounts of unsavory vocal atrocities. Besides, it’s just plain dumb.