Windows 3D Pinball
Game Title: Windows 3D Pinball
Your name: Jelle Hol
Pretty or ugly: pretty
Description: 3D Pinball, that came with every PC having Windows XP, is a great example of creating a decent arcade feel. The game has not that many different sounds, and the music is very simple and repetitive. Most of the elements in the pinball machine play a sound when you hit them, just like real machines. So when your ball gets hit back and forth all over the field, you can see your points rising in a cacophony of sound, which is very satisfying. Furthermore, most of the sounds have a distinct meaning (e.g. losing your ball, refueling, wormholes, etc.), so if you may lose sight of the ball, the sounds could help to localize it (even if it’s too late…). The music is effective in filling up any moments where the ball isn’t hitting anything.