Super Mario 64
Game Title: Super Mario 64
Your name: Arjen de Haan
Pretty or ugly: pretty
Description: The effectiveness of Super Mario 64’s sound design is hard to demonstrate with a single minute, but I’ll try with this video. I’ll be looking at the first 60 seconds.
As the level begins, a gentle melody starts to play. Mario’s running causes slightly muffled footsteps, as though he is really running on sand adding to the believability of the area.
Mario jumps against a block. To emphasize the force, a loud bassy noise plays. After this Mario jumps in the water with a splash, and as he does, an additional musical instrument gets added to the background music reinforcing the atmosphere.
All sound effects underwater are slightly muffled, but not so much that the player couldn’t hear what they are. The jingle that plays when you collect a red coin and the simple ‘bling’ the plays when you collect a gold coin clearly establishes which of the two is the more special collectible.