Sonic R(acing)
Game Title: Sonic R(acing)
Your name: Thomas van Veelen
Pretty or ugly: ugly
Description: In this simple Sonic race game, the idea is to make your way through the race track. Not only do you have to finish first, you can also collect rings, gems and sonic logos to…enhance your score (I suppose).
What makes the sound in this game so bad, is the fact that it uses different types of sounds and mixes them all the time. For instance: notice the sounds the player makes while jumping, collecting rings and racing through the level. Those sounds are very typical game sounds, find often in other games. While those sounds dominate the experience, faintly in the background a strange pop song can be heard. For as far as I know, it doesn’t have a link with the Sonic universe whatsoever. At the finish, the pop song is cut off by a standard victory sound. The whole range of sound effects feels very messy and incoherent.