Game Title: Resogun
Your name: Joey Kroon
Pretty or ugly: pretty
Description: Resogun can get pretty hectic pretty fast with all the particles going nuts. The sound design helps in providing crucial feedback for the player in this game of shooting things and saving humans. Every action from shooting, to destroying enemies, to saving humans has a distinct sound effect (sometimes accompanied by a snippet of voice over work) which allows the player to instantly recognize what’s happening and what’s being achieved. A great example of this is how “Keepers” are handled. These are a special enemy type that have to be taken out within a limited time window in order to free a human from his cubic cell. In addition to having a distinctly different sound from normal opponents when being destroyed, their imminent arrival is announced by a voice. Most of the sound effects have different pitches in order to still be distinctive when everything starts happening at once. In addition to feeding the player with feedback about his actions, the sound works really well with the visuals – making the shooting of things a very satisfying experience (which it has to be, because you’ll be doing a lot of it). Especially the Bomb (3:28) has a glorious “reverb” to it.