Persona 3 FES
Game Title: Persona 3 FES
Your name: Maurits Kappers
Pretty or ugly: pretty
Description: Everything about Persona 3 FES is awesome, but the soundtrack even goes above and beyond that. Easily one of the best soundtracks I’ve ever heard in a game.
The example above is of one of the cutscenes (quite near the beginning of the game), the sound in the beginning really captures the unsettling atmosphere and the horror of seeing a shadow for the first time. Then when you (the dude with the blue hair), pick up the evoker (the gun-thingie) they convey your state of mind by basically letting you hear your heartbeat. THEN, the badassery starts, and everything goes apeshit. If you’re not expecting this (first-time players for instance), you WILL be blown away by the awesome. The level of corny in Orpheus’ lines (the floating dude) is also just enough to still be cool, although the shakespearean english does sound a bit forced.
Some might say I am cheating by showing a cutscene, this is not true, this is simply a great example of amazing audio in this great game. The rest of the soundtrack is great as well, it has a kind of funk to it that (unfortunately) is kind of missing from the game scene at the moment.