Game Title: McPixel

Your name: Hans Cronau

Pretty or ugly: pretty


While this game has as good as no game sounds, I don’t think this neccesarily means it has a bad sound design. Instead I think the design has accomplished something great, for the only thing you will hear throughout the entire game is a catchy tune on a loop and a voice over shouting “Mc Pixel!” when you start playing. The fact that the lack of any interactive game sounds is hardly disturbing and completely forgotten after a few minutes of play, demonstrates the power of this minimalistic sound design. And while one might argue that the catchy 8-bit tune gets a bit tiring after a while, I say that until that moment it has allowed for the most thrilling experience one could have with a game like McPixel, that itself too gets a bit tiring after playing it for too long. And that’s find, because the game knows it. It displays the following message at startup: “Warning: It is highly recommended to take breaks while playing this game. Longer play sessions can damage yor [sic.] brain and gameplay experience.”