Mass Effect 2
Game Title: Mass Effect 2
Your name: user1920
Pretty or ugly: pretty
Description: Start at 3:00 This soundtrack/scene continues to give me the chills even after listening to it many times. It starts off quiet, a lone spaceship enters orbit, a low key but slightly speedy melody plays. The crew mirrors this, they’re working hard on something, but for now all is quiet. As a crewman reports a contact, the melody drops away into a silence. A drastic shift in tone, the music becomes menacing, a deep base, threatening. Something bad is coming. A moment of silence, a trumpet sounds and the enemy ship fires. The sound of the weapon is high pitched, it sounds visceral, sharp even. The music changes now as we see the crew trying to deal with the situation. A high energy tune picks up. Meanwhile the enemy ship continues to lash the protagonists with the high-pitched sounding weapon. A nice touch is the use of the theremin music, perhaps to underline the alien nature of the enemy. The music takes a backseat as we enter a conversation. Im a fan of the way the escape pods sound as they eject, the mechanical whir-click-chug. We can hear the normandy powering down, explosions dot the hull, a very dull sound effect, perhaps to highlight the lack of atmosphere, without giving up sound all together. This is getting a bit too long. I feel that the sound design is excellent. It conveys the dread the characters must be feeling, the appearance of this deadly, unknown and alien threat. The individual sounds effects like the alien weapon sounding high piched and almost painful to the ears just punctuate it and bring it together.