Game Title: Journey
Your name: Berry van Someren
Pretty or ugly: pretty
Description: Journey is a game about discovering, exploration and (if played online, which is the best way to go) communication. Or better said, the lack of being able to communicate clearly.
In Journey, together with someone else who is a complete stranger to you, you experience an adventure. Meeting weird creatures, exploring desserts, caves and mountain tops. Together you share happiness and grief. Really, the game knows how to transfer those emotions to the player. The thing is, all this time you can’t communicate clearly with the other player, who is a stranger to you, but just like you someone who is sitting in his/her room, experiencing this great adventure. You can only make little sounds to try and carry over your intentions. Maybe the other player just ignores your calls and walks away, or maybe he/she stays with you to cooperate and share.
What’s so great about this specific end title song, is that during your whole adventure, you can’t communicate, but desperately want to so much, that when the title song plays and you finally hear WORDS again!, it just breaks your heart.
(If you want to try and experience this too, play Journey online at night during the weekend, and play through the whole game in one session)