Game Title: Journey
Your name: Eric van den Bersselaar
Pretty or ugly: pretty
Description: Journey’s audio is the best I’ve ever heard in a game and in almost any level there’s something beautiful to talk about.
My personal favorite is the music during ‘The Decent.’ While you’re sliding down, the music is playing at a faster pace which gives you the idea you’re actually speeding down the hill. During for example the View (3:20) the music is calmer and it will only speed up when you start to slide down again. If you choose to watch the View for a while, the music fades. It will only continue when you choose to continue your Journey.
Near the end where the hill becomes steeper (4:11), the music gets more intense. And as the Decent reaches it’s climax (4:17), so does the music, ending in a silence that allows you to take a moment to process what you’ve just witnessed, before continuing your Journey.
Overal the music complements the visuals perfectly and allows for a great experience.