Jewel Master Cradle of Rome 1
Game Title: Jewel Master Cradle of Rome 1
Your name: Killian
Pretty or ugly: ugly
Description: Okay, this is a short video. But it’s enough. The game itself is pretty cool. The puzzle elements are there and work well and even some sort of RPG-like stuff. What the ugly thing about this game is, is the music. But even the music itself isn’t that ugly. Here’s the thing. This is a puzzle game with a 100 levels. The time to complete a level, depending on the difficulty, takes about 4 to 10 minutes and then take into account that sometimes you have to retry a level because you failed. The levels are filled with musical loops which are between 0:55 and 1:35 minutes long. And there are THREE different loops!!!!! Three! And you only hear 1 loop (over and over and over again) each level. You can’t make a game for a console like the Wii (which this one did) and pay that little attention into the music of the game. In this video the song already played twice in this level.