Freddi Fish
Game Title: Freddi Fish
Your name: Nola Foxglove
Pretty or ugly: ugly
Description: This is a game from 1994. I’m from 1992 and I used to play this game a lot when I was little. Back then I really enjoyed it, but now that I listen to it again with ‘different ears’, I notice some ‘ugly traits’ in the sound design department. – The music samples are pretty bad haha, it doesn’t fit with the animation, which is pretty nice in my opinion. – The voice acting sounds very low quality, I think it’s mostly because of the recording and editing, though some of the voices really don’t match the characters. But then again, that does make it funny. – Some voices are too soft in comparison to the other voices and music/foley, so once again a mixing issue. – The voices rarely sync with the characters. I don’t know if that’s also the case in the English version. – The foley is very selective, you never hear any sounds from the environment you’re in, unless it is triggered. – The foley sounds are pretty low quality as well… It’s a shame, because I like point-and-click-games and this is a very nice one, especially for children. So I feel that it would have deserved a little more attention to the sound design.