Final Fantasy X
Game Title: Final Fantasy X
Your name: Maurits Kappers
Pretty or ugly: ugly
Description: This cutscene is a fine example why the sound in Final Fantasy X (or at least the dialog) is fugly.
First of all, the lip-syncing is absolutely horrible. Also, the moment they start to laugh is enough to make you cringe (it sounds forced, the way you laugh when your boss makes a horrible joke, but you want to keep your job), and to top it all of you have Yuna saying “But I believe you”, in the wonderfully cliche, supposed to be emotional, kind of way. Dear lord. The voice actors all perform a little bit too dramatically, which actually harms the performance. Of course, the dialog writers are also to be blamed.
Also, Wakka sounds like Jar Jar Binks.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t record the cutscene myself, so here’s a recording of a PC emulated Final Fantasy X (everything’s the same, except for the background, which isn’t rendered correctly because of the different cpu architecture, apparently).