Game Title: Banjo-Tooie
Your name: Jaber Roeleveld
Pretty or ugly: pretty
Description: Banjo-Kazooie has already received a lot of praise for its sound design, music and diffrent take on voice acting. It is quite cool how Banjo-Tooie improved on it in a lot of little ways, while still on the same console. (To be fair, cartridges contained various coprocessors through the N64s lifespan, so maybe hardware did improve.)
Where Banjo-Kazooie already offered great musical transitions when nearing world entrances, it was merely changing the instruments used for the same melody. When loading, the music actually stopped, and a new theme started after the world was loaded. In this video Banjo-Tooie actually keeps the music going during loading sequences, and dynamically fades and matches the tempo of the music when it transitions. A small and simple idea to think of, but neatly executed.
Extra: Hilarious (and bit off topic) interview with Grant Kirkhope, sound designer/composer of Banjo games and many other Rare games: Horrific alternative sound design for Banjo