Game Title: Awesomenauts
Your name: Thomas van Veelen
Pretty or ugly: pretty
Description: Awesomenauts is a game in which players battle in teams to destroy each others main base. The MOBA genre is quite common amongst gamers, but Awesomenauts has a very interesting take on it.
What is so pretty about these sounds, is that it feels like it is part of a whole, well designed theme. Every character has its own set of voices, theme song and soundeffects, which strenghtens the overall theme of the game. The game is meant to be cheesy, cartoony and accessible. Every sound effect contributes to the ‘ninthies saturday morning cartoon’ theme, which makes Awesomenauts a joy to play.
The video is cut in 2 parts, due to the original lenght of the source material. The second half is the end of a match. I skipped some gameplay parts because some segments aren’t that full of sounds (mainly due to the lack of combat). At the end, you see the enemy base being destroyed.