Phantasy Star Online
Game Title: Phantasy Star Online
Your name: Ies Wierdsma
Pretty or ugly: Ugly
Description: PSO is great. Sadly, the game’s sound design isn’t.
I spend hours upon hours in this game and hearing the same (light)saber sound is incredibly annoying. The sound itself reminds me of a sound accompanying an error message. It’s the same sound over and over and over. It would have sounded much better if they only changed the pitch of the sound for different movements of the saber.
The same goes for the footstep sound for this particular character. *STOMP**STOMP**STOMP* etc. until the game ends. It gives me the idea the sound designer never spend more than 10 minutes playing this game.
The constant audible clue for selecting an enemy could be less intrusive to the ears as well.
It seemed like the sound designer really wanted his sounds to be noticed, sadly.