Persona 4
Game Title: Persona 4
Your name: Damir Kalbic
Pretty or ugly: ugly
Description: Persona 4 has wonderful music that truly sets the mood of the game. However the problem is that it never stops. The Shin Megami Tensei games have always been very long games and the console games always take 50 to 60 hours to beat like many other rpgs. The problem is that other rpgs include music that does not become stale because there is no singing in the background. It just blends in with the experience and gameplay so it never truly bothers you. In Persona 4 there is 1 song for every regular battle theme. The theme is a jpop song that never ever stops. Whenever you enter a battle the song will recycle itself and its always the same song throughout 60 hours of gameplay. It is maddening to say at least, many fans of the SMT games recommend others to just grab an ipod and listen to other music while playing the game. Its that horrid. However do not let my comments confuse you. There is different music for every different area and every boss battle benefits from a different song as well. It�s just the battle theme that will start to annoy you after hundreds of battles. The song would probably be less annoying to listen to if it did not have any singing.