Left 4 dead 2

Game Title: Left 4 dead 2
Your name: Yukie Chiu
Pretty or ugly: pretty
Description: This game does not only have good voice acting but also effective and fear inducing sound effects. The funny dialogue between the four survivors creates a bond with you as a player. Which helps you with wanting to save them if they are in trouble. This is really important as teamwork in this game is vital to complete the game. In this game the special Infected each have their own unique sound. Before they actually appear and attack you which makes you proceed through the game with constant caution, you will hear growling, crying, laughing etc. This makes you concentrate at listening and focussing on your surroundings while playing the game. Beside the special infected you also have the normal hordes of zombies. These also have a unique roar as they announce their approach, which scares the crap out of you when you are low health. In conclusion: the pounding music enhances the game play as it makes the heart rate race and it create this feeling of fear as you only hear the sounds of the infected as they move in to place to ambush you.