Just Cause 2

Game Title: Just Cause 2
Your name: THC
Pretty or ugly: ugly
Description: Just Cause 2 is a great game, it has an enormous playground and definitively gives players the freedom and tools to enjoy the game for many hours. Also the sound effects the game offers like the many explosion and missile sounds are good and enjoyable. However, once a player starts playing the actual campaign and story missions he will encounter some of the worst voice acting of the current generation. Voice acting that is either told in totally the wrong context, using obviously fake accents and worst of all, the voice acting does sound like someone recorded all the words separately, and then badly stitched them together using the worst freeware audio tool available. One advice I could give players of Just Cause 2 is, don’t play the campaign and story missions. If you insist on playing though, make sure to turn off your audio during the cutscenes or be prepared to cringe in pain and have enough tissues around to catch the blood that is about to run from your ears.