Fable 3

Game Title: Fable 3
Your name: Kevin Nederkoorn
Pretty or ugly: ugly
Description: This gameplay footage is from Fable 3 for the pc and sounds rather isolated in my opinion. there is interaction with sound but it all mutes rapidly and one after the other. (one sound at a time) the only sound that plays trough the shouts and fighting is the fire skill the player uses.
I’m really missing some action/ambiance sound, this looks like a beta fitting test. Especialy at 0:07 when the slow-motion killing blow is active, there is only nothingness and a bit of noise – it sounds so empty. After this I started to notice you nearly hear footsteps, clothing moving,or not even the fire at 0:34. People who played Fable 3 already noticed some bugs and weird mishaps in the gameplay itself, and thus even the audio lacks discipline as well.
Sorry but in my opinion this game consist of bugs and weird twitches in visuals, gameplay and audio as well.