Enter the Dragonfly

Game Title: Spyro : Enter the Dragonfly
Your name: Julia van Rosmalen
Pretty or ugly: ugly
Description: To be honest there is so much wrong with the audio in this game it’s hard to find a place to start. It’s partly to the bad framerate but everything is out of sync. Mouths move while there is no sound, the voices don’t match the movements and emotions expressed in the animations, footsteps are out of sync. The voice acting is over the top. This could be seen as a feature to go with the cartoony character of this game but to be honest it’s not even good if it’s meant to be funny. No subtleties in the emotions at all.
Other sound effects aren’t only out of sync they also sound really cheap. Ripto’s wand makes random buzzing noises troughout the scene.
I do need to add that this is a very old game, yet tere are examples of older games that don’t sound this bad.
Another thing I noticed is that when the big bad guy of the entire game arives, Ripto, the happy background music just keeps playing. There is no musical indication that he’s a serious threat. There is just this happy little drumming!
I do love the game, but honestly the sounds are ridiculous.