Deus Ex Human Revolution
Game Title: Deus Ex Human Revolution
Your name: Ivo van Dijk
Pretty or ugly: VERY Pretty
Description: Music: This is one of my favorite game soundtracks, the composer was nominated for a BAFTA for this soundtrack. The music supports the futuristic/renaissance setting very well, using mainly ambient sounds, some chanting vocals and electronic percussion. Also the narrative of the game can be deducted very well of what the music tries to tell you.
Sounddesign: Voice acting is top notch. Details in sounddesign are incredible and is equal to (and in some cases even better than) the triple AAA Hollywood movies, which shows how much we came along in game audio the last couple of years. Balancing, use of perspective in the sounddesign (for instance the glasses that go on our main character at the beginning of this clip), and the quality and texture of the sounds in general are incredibly well done.