Deadly Towers
Game Title: Deadly Towers
Your name: Dominique Fiolet
Pretty or ugly: ugly
Description: Ok, so right of the beginning of the game the impression I get from the music is “what the f*ck”? Siriously the music is loud, annoying and it repeats every single time you go to the next screen. Listening to this while your playing must definitely drive you crazy. What were the designers of this game thinking? Well I think they made this really messed up music symphony in order to hide the crappy sounds that the objects on the screen make when they get hit. Yeah the music and the sounds of the objects dont even compliment eachother, it’s only making it worse. They probably figured, hey the collisions already sound shitty as it is so let’s balance it out with some crazy music gone on steroids. Anyway, they would have probably been better of just having no music at all, nice peace and quiet.