Anno 1404
Game Title: Anno 1404
Your name: Remmelt Blessinga
Pretty or ugly: ugly
Description: You either love or hate Anno 1404, but even if you love the game you will eventually come to hate the sound of your “mentor” continually droning on in the same enthusiastic but somehow boring voice after every action. Especially at the start of a new game your he will keep telling you the most obvious stuff to do, something extremely annoying to experienced players who already know how to handle the game. These lame tutorial sentences would have been bad enough weren’t it for the extra stuff they put in between. Citizens keep telling you that they named children after you, after every trade (and there is a lot of trading in this game) you get a lenghty thank you of the affected NPC and just about all of it starts out feeling quaint but turns annoying and boring really quickly. Everything is spoken in the exact same way that just messes with your head after a couple of hours. One night I found myself lying in bed hearing “Have you come to trade?!” over and over, sure to say I muted the game after that.