Panzer Elite

Game Title: Panzer Elite
Your name: student
Pretty or ugly: Ugly
Description: – No background sound! These tanks drive around on a planet that maybe resembles Earth, but where there are no other sound sources other than fighting tanks.
– Bad tank sound! These aren’t really tanks, these are lawnmowers in disguise! When they speed up, they simply sound twice as loud!
– Bad voice acting. The first thing you hear when you start a mission is a voice, most likely from one of the developers. Then another voice starts yelling at you, which doesn’t stop throughout the rest of the game!
– Bad sound mix! The sound of the loading of the cannon is very loud, as opposed to the actual firing of the cannon, which sounds more like a hit on a cardboard box!
– But the best sound (not) is when you drive over a tree, which sounds like stepping on a twig.
ps: the sound of the sequal is a lot better! .