Operation Wolf (NES port)

Your name: Joost Blom
Pretty or ugly: (F)ugly!
Description: Operation Wolf finds it’s roots somewhere in the late 80’s, starting off as an arcade game. Like so many other arcade games from that era Wolf was played by aiming a lightgun at the screen and pulling the trigger. The game would have a moderate range of sound effects, mostly consisting of gunshots, ricocheting bullets and explosions. Sound tracks of decent quality were present, but would only be played while the main menu and level selection screen were displayed.
However in 1989 Operation Wolf was ported to the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), but unlike it’s predecessor the NES port would only know a tiny range of sounds. The crackling and clicking sounds the port offered were not at all reminiscent of the gunshots and explosions of the original arcade version. To make things worse a very annoying and hard-to-ignore ‘beep’ would repeat itself several times every second when the player was low on health!
Still Operation Wolf was a great title and unlike many other arcade games of it’s time Wolf would follow an actual storyline throughout the entire game. The NES port however, even if being very entertaining, offered terrible sound. This makes Operation Wolf (on the NES) ugly!