Monkey Island
Game Title: Monkey Island
Your name: Rhéna
Pretty or ugly: Bad but funny
Description: This is an excerpt from the game Monkey Island. I did not isolate parts of the clip, because the whole clip includes parts of the fault. But this fault makes the game funny to play. The reason: The images of the characters talking do not sync up with the lip movements. There are moments at 0:08 in the clip Guybrush is talking but his lips aren’t moving. At 0:50 in a dialog between Guybrush and another pirate you can see that once again the lips don’t match the voices. And finally at 2:05 a duel breaks out between Guybrush and this pirate. The sword sounds are out of sync and you can clearly see that you hear the two swords touching eachother while both Guybrush and the pirate have their swords distant from one another