Game Title: Halo
Your name: Jochem Schut
Pretty or ugly: ugly
Description: – The voices of the aliens are not believable. They’re too high and they sound to stupid. When an alien race invades the earth I believe them to be dangerous and cunning, these voices are nothing like it.

  • Also the voices of the aliens do not even sound slightly scary. This disrupts the gameplay because I do not see them as a threat. Most of the times I’ll just stand before them and shoot while I stand still while I should be running all over the place.
  • The voices of the aliens are more funny or corny then scary, this gives me a ridiculous feeling about the game which tends me to quit earlier then normally.
  • Aliens talking english? No alien talks english not even if they encountered the human kind before…
  • Nearly no sound or music, which kicks down the immersion of the game incredibly.
  • Because of some lack in the gameplay I wasn’t grabbed by the game, and the lack of the music didn’t really help…