Gran Turismo 5

Your name: Brian Smit
Pretty or ugly: Ugly
Description: Although the overall sound of this game is really good, the sound of the car engines and stuff, the sound of the crashes are just not present at all.
When I saw this ( video on gametrailers it really anoyed me that I didn’t hear any kind of sound after the car hits a wall with like 200 km/h. Even when you hit other cars you hear nothing!
Sorry for the bad video quality by the way, they are cam recordings, but it’s still pretty clear that there’s a lack of crash sounds.
This game is not yet released but it predecessor didn’t have crash sounds as well, so this could be pretty final regarding the sound. But I hope that they add some kind of a sound that let’s you know you hit something in the final game because this just doesn’t feel/sound right at all.