Go Beryllium!

Game Title: Go Beryllium!
Your name: Sandra da Cruz Martins
Pretty or ugly: Ugly
Description: At first sight (hearing?) the upbeat, bass-like tunes of this game seem to match the overall feel the game probably wants to portray. To me, the firing of bullets alone creates a drumming sound that makes you feel active and pumped up in the midst of the chaotic swarms you create.
However, to me the audio wasn’t designed as thoroughly as could be. It doesn’t empower the gameplay, in the sense that the feedback on your actions is extremely minimal.
Visually, it’s very difficult to see when you gain damage or get boosted and therefore aknowledgments on doing wrong and right in the audio would have been pleasant. It would probably prevent a lot of new players to fail almost instantly. Now, you just think you’ll be fine and move on, only to suddenly die moments later.
The video posted is game footage and not a trailer, but to me it still sounds like a track is pasted over the images. You can Google your way to the official site of the game to check it out yourself. .