Duke Nukem – Time to kill

Game Title: Duke Nukem – Time to kill
Your name: Michelle Reints
Pretty or ugly: Ugly
Description: I played this game in the early days and I liked it very much. Except for the fact that the character always makes (now I call it annoying) sounds when you are playing. Example: if he sees a toilet, he gets in front of it and says “Aaahh, much better” out loud.
This continues trough the game and whatever you do, if you are running or shooting at enemies, he will say a sentence. It was pretty funny to hear in the beginning but after playing a while you get bored of hearing the less variety of quotes he says.
The second thing is also the voice in game, the voice of Duke when he gets hit by some enemies. He says 2 things: “ooh” and “aah”.
And when he gets shot a several times in a row, well, …you get my point.