Diablo 3 – PowerLeveling & Level Up Quotes

On the surface there is nothing wrong with the leveling up quotes the characters chant when playing through an average game of diablo 3 where you spent hours of slaying hordes and hordes of demons to gain that singular level, so hearing your character chanting the words “I have become stronger” can be a great relief and moment of victory.
However, that’s to say you play the game the average way, which in fact isn’t the average way at all, at the moment it’s safe to say that more than 90% of the players are grinding for levels in ways that are far from heroic, using cheap skipable quests, or, the favorite of all, powerleveling with parties, it’s safe to say that apart from those few players at the start of a new season and those very very rare people who just bought the game and are playing the storyline, stleast about 80% of all normal levels are gained by having someone else grind down mobs on the highest of difficulties while you reap their rewards through the great experience sharing system.
There’s just something about standing in a corner, waiting for your teammates to utterly annihilate the entirety of the dungeon, and contiously spamming chants about how great you are and what a mighty hero you have become while you literally die to every singly nudge of an armless imp that just seems a tad bit odd to me. So although these quotes were great in theory, they are hilariously ridiculous in reality (also the fact that they lag behind and queue themselves meaning you will have to listen to them and their visual pop-ups for hours on end is also a great thing, notice the you gained level x messages in the middle of the screen and the actual about 30-40 level higher of being in the top left).