Unreal Tournament 2004

Game Title: Unreal Tournament 2004
Your name: Jens Wouters
Pretty or ugly: Pretty
Description: UT2004 is the first FPS where I really paid attention to the sound. The quality just blew my mind.
The music is very epic and sounds very full. The more relaxing music, named Level8, also has the same quality feel, although it differs from the otherwise adrenaline pumping epic music.
The two sounds I’m the most impressed with are these from the shock rifle combo and the explosion of the core in the Onslaught mode. These explosions sound as explosions are meant to sound. Of course, to fully enjoy these sounds, you need a decent soundcard and speakers/headphones.
In the past, I actually played some matches pure to enjoy the sound. I did a deathmatch with robot only bots and the instagib mutator. If you were playing a small map, the map was constantly filled with the sound of metal pieces flying around.
The movie above doesn’t do the sound justice. In fact, this movie is the only one where the sound is decent enough to hear it, but it’s a bit too strong, causing it to distort a bit.
For the real experience, go play the game yourself with a good sound set-up. If you want to listen to the music, you just can go to the music folder of the game and open them with any media player that is capable of playing the ogg vorbis codec.