The Legend of Zelda OOT
Game Title: The Legend of Zelda OOT
Your name: Joeri van Ees
Pretty or ugly: Pretty
Description: Where to begin.
First it starts with complete silence (not even a sound for advancing text). Only a short crinch by link. Then your dragged into his dream with thunder and heavy rain. Then you hear the horse gallop by which leads into a loud organ tune introducing the villain of the game.
The your carried into a subtle tension building track (bg of deku tree). You read about the perills before you. (also note the sound that tells the player when a convo is about to end)
The navi fly’s of with a mystical piano tune (reminds me of children playing) with a bigger tempo while navi is flying through kokiri forest. Navi even greets children of the forest (notifying the player how she sounds since that sound is important throughout the whole game).
Enter the house theme. A comfortable theme with a friendly feeling. (can’t really describe it better then that sorry)
When you leave the house the kokiri song starts (with a introduction that pays attention to the environment opening in front of you) Then you can start walking around.
Such a memorable moment when I first experienced it.