Syndicate Wars

Game Title: Syndicate Wars
Your name: Nicky Pelupessy
Pretty or ugly: Pretty
Description: The game is set in a futuristic city. The ambience is very dark and hostile. You feel like danger is around every corner and you always feel unsafe. Not only do the visuals add to this, but also the music and sound effects.
The music itself is very eery and sounds minimal. Not many instruments are played and the progression in the songs is slow. This really helps the ambience and the feel of the game. The music is very well made!
The sound effects from the guns and other things (like explosions and vehicles) are in good quality, especially considering it’s an old game. The guns (sadly not all) sound genuine and believable. The screams and grunts from the characters also sound real. All in all: they just do a good job helping the experience of the game.