Super Mario World, Half-Life 2

Game Title:
Your name: PrettyUglyGameSound
Pretty or ugly: Pretty & Ugly
Good Game Audio:
1: Super Mario World
– A lot of variety in the background music.

– Background music becomes louder when you stand still, but gradually softens when you move and shoot.
– Sounds are coherent (all in one style).
– When you ride Yoshi, a drum is added to the background music.
2: Half-Life 2
– a lot of beautiful atmosphere (also in music).
– the voice acting has a lot of emotion, very believable.
Bad Game Audio:
1: Godfather
– Different sources have different sound volumes, bad mix !
– Exaggerated sound effects (especially the female screaming voice!)
2: Mortal Kombat
– bad (over-acted) voice acting, lack of real emotion, not believable
– too little atmosphere
3: Serious Sam
– bad sound transients (?)
– cheap sound fx
– the enemies sound already sound like crap, but when the number of enemies increases, their sounds are multiplied and become to loud.