Game Title: Mafia
Your name: Tim Hengeveld
Pretty or ugly: Pretty
Description: Mafia is a game that pays a lot of attention to atmosphere. Everything is very authentic, and audio plays an important role in it. As you traverse the city, you will hear various classic ’30s jazz songs that really enhance the mood.
Each district has it’s own distinct tune (such as the song ‘Chinatown my Chinatown’ playing in Chinatown), and these songs seamlessly flow together as you’re driving around. They are not bound to your car radio like in GTA, but persist even when you’re on foot.
Aside from that, the ambient sounds, voice acting and sound effects are also top-notch. The sound of seagulls and waves when you get close to the ocean, the sound of the clutch as you’re driving around – it all fits perfectly. .