Kirby’s Adventure (NES)

Your name: Joost Blom
Pretty or ugly: Pretty
Description: It was 1993 and there came Kirby! Our pink inflatable made his debut earlier in 1992 on the gameboy and now would finally entertain us further on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). As never seen before Kirby could ingest his enemies to gain their skills and would then put these skills to good use to defeat or gobble up even more enemies!
But what also sets Kirby aside from many other NES titles is having some excellent and advanced sound effects. When inhaling, a hoovering sound would be heard, increasing in pitch if Kirby would keep inhaling for several seconds. Many other sound effects such as entering a door for example would make great use of fading out the sound effect. The music heard in Kirby’s Adventure was of great quality and added to the experience of this game.
Great sound effects and fantastic music (that is, for the 8-bit era) make me rate the Kirby’s Adventure as pretty.