Killer 7

Game Title: Killer 7
Your name: Ramana Kleyn
Pretty or ugly: Pretty
Description: FIrst things first: this is a great game. A lot of thought went in to it and it really shows. This doesn’t mean that it’s a game that’s fun all the time. And that’s because the designers didn’t mean for it be. A lot of time is spent disorientating players and making them feel uncomfortable. The audio really supports this. The music tracks are varied and mostly enjoyable. However sound effects can be incredibly jarring at times and seem very much digital and unreal thus supporting the rest of the design. The choice to give each character but one sentence that is said every time an enemy is killed is at first glance an odd decision and one that could make the game highly irritating (ex. Bloody Roar Primal Fury) but it only adds to differentiate between characters and make them seem all the more surreal. .