Game Title: Bioshock
Your name: Jochem Schut
Pretty or ugly: pretty

  • good timing, every sound appears when you want them to.
  • The setting is an underwater city, from time to time you will hear sounds of water trying to burst/break/slide/slip/flow into the city. You will often hear the sounds of dripping water, flowing water with or without an echo, depending on what surrounding it’s in.
  • Every object/character/floor etc, has his own shape and structure and surface, in this game you will hear all those differences, every sound is unique.
  • The old Art Deco feeling of the years 1900 till 1940’s is completely merged into this game and gives the game a deeper level of immersion.
  • Old radios and record players play like they haven’t been played on for years, they tend to get stuck some of the times because of their age.
  • You can hear the old hollow and scratchy sound of jazz songs of the early 20’s and such.
  • All the voices talk like they’re really from those times, with their own vocabulary.
  • If you save a little sister you will hear a sound like its beamed straight down from heaven to your ears, like you’re doing the ultimate good thing.
  • Every sound sounds different in every other surrounding and has a different sound effect. This makes me think the game is even more believable.