Grim Fandango

Game Title: Grim Fandango
Your name: student
Pretty or ugly: Pretty
Description: Personally I find Grim Fandango a very fine example of a game with good audio. The game uses many layers of sound (like the typing on a typewriter with background music and a talking character), which makes it feel very rich and complete.
I find it cool that certain sounds increase or decrease in volume when you approach or leave the source. The perspective of the sound changes with the visual perspective of the game camera as well. For instance, the typing on the typewriter is much louder when the camera is near the typewriter (when the main character exits the elevator). The same goes for the music, which grows louder when you get near to it.
I really like that many small things have their own sound. Walking on different materials produces different sounding footsteps and even the action of getting something out of the inside of your pocket has its own sound. All sounds are clearly recognizable and really make this game as a whole. .