Doom 3

Game Title: Doom 3
Your name: Richard
Pretty or ugly: Pretty
Description: Although the game itself is not that great, I find the overall audio design of the game top notch. Things that stand out, in my opinion, are the amount of variety of sounds, the dynamic mix (the sounds don’t clutter, even when there is a lot of sound, everything is pretty clear) and the coherence in sound design. What I like in the audio design is the role of the radio that the main character carries which communicates the activity elsewhere, making the environment larger and more alive than just what you see. Because of many dark environments, and the fact that you can’t hold a weapon together with a flashlight, you need to rely on what you hear. What Doom III does well is it adds sound which meaning is unclear. Sometimes you hear something and you don’t know whether or not it is part of the environment, another foe or simply a (non-diegetic) horror-sound effect.