Dokapon Kingdom – Battle Victory Speech

Although Dokapon Kingdom is a giant gathering of arguable voice acting, hilarious lines and sounds and many other weird and great uses of audio, I have chosen to showcase the battle victory and leveling up quotes the characters say.
At 0:54 and at 2:24 you can hear the player taunting over his slain co-players and npc bosses with random shout-outs like “I’m the man!”, maniacally laughing at them, and if you get the right character even things like “I’m so cool!” and “I’m the best!”, this has allways sticken me as a hilarious aspect of the game and it allways makes the gamplay sessions so much better screaming along those lines at the top of your lungs towards your fallen co-players who are about to lose every single step of progress they have taken in this game, purely because you’re a big jerk and you know, or in your words “I’m the best!”.
The comidic aspect of these lines combined with the timing of the player encouraging your deeds of destroying any and all hope of your fellow players, along with the way these lines have been recorded (full of the exact kind of smug attitude they should have) make these lines one of my favorite and most quoted moments of voice-acting from games I’ve played.