Game Title: Conker
Your name: Tim S
Pretty or ugly: Both!
Description: Yes, you read it right; this clip includes both bad and good videogame sounds… or… so I think at least. The game is Conker’s Bad Fur-Day for the N64 (so not the remake on Xbox!) and just for the record, it’s an awesome game.
The good part of the audio is the voices on their own (except the haystacks) they fit with the characters perfectly and the voice-acting on it’s own is brilliant.
The bad part is the voice of the haystacks (small and big) they are really rediculous like some guy is lowering his voice to sound tough but failing at it. Something else to note about the voice-acting is that it sounds as if it’s recorded with a cheap headset or something.
Other bad part is the sound effects, at least in this clip. The repetitive ‘splash’-sound from the paint is rather annoying, also the sounds used for the door closing (and bar blocking it) are kind of… bad… .