Company of Heroes

Game Title: Company of Heroes
Your name: student
Pretty or ugly: Pretty
Description: What I find amazing of CoH is that almost everything seems to have its own sound. You can hear GI’s walk around, there body armour moving up and down. Weapons sound incredibly lifelike and you can even hear empy-shell sounds as well as the sound of the reloading of the guns. Tanks are detailed as well (squeeky).
The impacts of bullets and grenades sound different depending on the type of material they hit.
You can also hear the muffled sounds of battle takin place somewher else. The voice-acting of the units, screaming for help as well as for victory, is excellent and really make you get sucked into the game! Small funny detail is that during night missions your units whisper :).
Of course this all is not really new to games, but not many RTS-games have such a high level of audio, in my opinion. .