Battlefield 2
Game Title: Battlefield 2
Your name: Ryan Jaeger
Pretty or ugly: Pretty
Description: Although I’m not a fan of BF2, it is however one of the most dynamic, realistic and pleasant games I’ve heard…
Guns and such are not overly compressed or limited compared to other games, but they are limited just enough for the “reality compensation aesthetic…” (a gun firing next to you is going to sound harsh and not like a snare drum with a perfect transient.) Explosions are well varied and never feel repetitive.
Vehicles sounds are top notch and the implementation is very smooth, especially with the buggy and jets.
The ambient loops are extremely well done, not sure if they are library material, custom or a mix… Either way they are mixed well, not repetitive and set the mood. Voice overs are top notch, no complaints in this department.
p.s. The video is not mine, It’s the in engine intro to the game.